10 animal that hunt elephent in wild

In rare cases, young or vulnerable elephants may be targeted by large predators. It's important to note that these instances are uncommon, and predation on elephants is not a regular occurrence.

1. Lions

In certain situations, lions have been known to take on young or weak elephants.

2. Crocodiles

Near water sources, crocodiles may pose a threat to elephants, especially when elephants are drinking or crossing rivers.

3. Hyenas

In packs, hyenas may target young or weak elephants, particularly if they are separated from the herd.

4. Tigers

n areas where elephants and tigers coexist, there have been reported cases of tigers preying on elephant calves

5. Cheetahs

Although it's uncommon, cheetahs may target young elephants if they are separated from the protective herd.

6. Wild Dogs

Similar to hyenas, wild dogs may target vulnerable elephants, especially if they are in a pack and the elephant is isolated.

7. Leopards

Leopards might go after young or injured elephants, but it's not a common occurrence.

8. Komodo Dragons

In very rare cases, Komodo dragons, particularly on islands where both species coexist, may attempt to prey on small elephants.

9. Large Constrictor Snakes

In some cases, large pythons or anacondas may try to constrict and prey on young elephants.


In certain situations, spotted hyenas may attempt to prey on young elephants, particularly if they are separated from the herd.