10 most beautiful butterfly in the world

Beauty is subjective, and people may have different opinions about which butterflies are the most beautiful. However, here are 10 butterflies that are often admired for their striking colors and patterns

1. Blue Morpho 

Known for its iridescent blue wings, the Blue Morpho is found in Central and South America.

2. Peacock Butterfly

This European butterfly is named for the distinctive eyespots on its wings, resembling those on a peacock's tail.

3. Ulysses Butterfly

Native to Australia, the Ulysses Butterfly is known for its vibrant blue wings with black edges.

4. Malachite Butterfly

Found in Central and South America, the Malachite Butterfly has striking green and black wings.

5. Monarch Butterfly

Known for its orange and black wings, Monarchs are famous for their long-distance migrations.

6.  Birdwing Butterflies

The Birdwing family includes large and colorful butterflies, such as the Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, found in Papua New Guinea, known for its impressive size and vibrant colors.

7. Rajah Brooke's Birdwing

Found in Southeast Asia, this butterfly is known for its striking black and electric-green wings.

8.  Eastern Tailed-Blue

This small butterfly is native to North America and is admired for its delicate blue color and tail-like extensions on its hindwings.

9. Glasswing Butterfly

Found in Central and South America, the Glasswing Butterfly is known for its transparent wings, which make it almost appear like it's made of glass.