7 Parts Of An  School Application Letter

A formal application letter is composed of 7 main parts

It includes the designation (principal), name of the institution followed by the street/area, state/town of the school

1. Receivers’ Address:

It appears directly below the address after leaving a line on which the letter is being written.

2. Date:

It is a brief regarding the purpose of writing the application.

3. Subject:

It is a customary greeting to the principal of your school or the person to whom the letter is addressed.

4. Salutation:

The body of your letter is where you introduce your application and state its purpose. This section should be clear and concise, embodying all the important details.

5. Body:

It is just like a greeting to the addressee.

6. Complimentary Closure:

It includes the sender’s name and the designation.

7. Signature/Subscription: